Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Vibrant

Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Vibrant

Schedule sprinkler system installation in Draper, UT

You don’t have to remember to water your lawn or worry about how long to leave the sprinkler running. (If you forget to turn the water off, you could end up with a swamp instead of a lush, green lawn.) Ground Pursuits, LLC offers sprinkler system installation in the Draper, UT area.

Installing a sprinkler system ensures that your lawn will receive the right amount of water in the necessary areas. We can winterize your system after the season’s over and make it ready when the spring rolls around. Contact Ground Pursuits today for sprinkler winterization in Draper, Utah and the surrounding area.

Sign up for a maintenance plan

Your sprinkler system turns on and off by itself, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it altogether. Ground Pursuits offers sprinkler maintenance services designed to keep your system functioning properly. We will:

  • Inspect and service the system twice a year
  • Check for any needed repairs
  • Turn the system on and off

Call 810-556-7687 today to schedule sprinkler system installation in Draper, UT.